Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, jealous much?

I am a big comic geek. Not so much now, but from the time I was a kid to sophmore year in college I collected a lot of comics. I have over 3,000 bagged and boarded in moisture resistant cardboard downstairs. Did I say I was a comic book geek?

Marvel was always my thing, most of the DC universe really didn’t catch my eye. That is until DC started churning out great films like Superman, Batman, etc. Well, now Green Lantern is poised as the next big DC franchise with Ryan Reynolds at the helm. Now, for those of you that have listen to the podcast you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Mr. Reynolds. So I was torn since the next superhero I wanted to see Reynolds play was Deadpool; that is until I saw this on the latest Entertainment Weekly in my mailbox:

Now, this suit does look pretty damn awesome in this shot and I am told that it is entirely CG. The film is still in its early stages so I am unsure if this shot is photoshop’ed, or an early test of the CG mapping. Either way, it has a great look and takes the “feel” of Lantern’s actual suit and makes it current and believable.

Green Lantern is intended to hit theaters next year (6/17/2011).

2 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, jealous much?”

  1. Chuck, I too was primarily a Marvel kid. Dont know if it was because of the old Batman tv show and the Superfriends cartoon, but I always perceived the DC universe as a bit cheesy and campy. I mean, cmon, Superdog?? But like yourself, with some of there newer films, and having read some stuff Alan Moore has written for them I have come around. I will always be a Marvel guy, but I am pretty psyched for this upcomming Green Lantern Movie. I am a big fan of Ryan Reynolds as well, and believe he will be good for the part. I do however have one problem with the casting. Whats with the double dipping of actors in comic films these days. Deadpool and GL? At least these are different universes. Now we got Johnny Storm as Capt. America? Is Chris Evans so gifted that nobody else could pull off Cap like he can? Lets be serious. Maybe they are just trying to ballance out the fact that we are being subject to a third Bruce banner in as many films. The studios need to understand that the die hards who come out for these types of movies are VERY particular about the film versions of their favorite characters. Hers a rule of thumb they can go by. If you are going to make a major motion picture about a character that an adult dresses up like at comic con, Dont take liberties with the storyline, find an original face to play the part, and when possible stick with them.
    Still cant wait to see GL

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