Is the iPad’s 3G a waste of money?

So, the iPad looks really freakin’ cool. And like a good little Fanboy, I sat on and watched the live update of the keynote. I was excited about the product, and it was pretty close to what I had expected. A larger iPod Touch with some hybrid features like productivity apps. Whether you can get some actual “work” done on it I’ll wait until I “feel” they virtual keyboard. Although, I used to NOT like the iPhone virtual keyboard, but I’ve grown to like we’ll see.

Then I saw the price. $499 is the right price at the entry level. But the additional $130 for the 3G AND $14.99/month to get started? Sorry. No thanks.

It’s not like you’re carrying this thing around outside and going to bars, or being stuck in traffic. I see it more as a “sit on the couch” thing. Browse the net, do some email, maybe have some X-10 controls for your home (cool remote stuff) THAT would be awesome (Crestron are you listening????). Maybe, using it in hotels or airports – all of which have WiFi – so where’s the benefit of the 3G?

Commuters maybe? Just sync it before you leave for the train (like you do your iPod). Do you really need the LATEST news on the 75 min ride into Manhattan?

Oh, and one more thing. Would it KILL Apple to have some external memory? I know, this is their model, but they could have slashed the price more by just giving it an SD slot instead of onboard memory. and included a 16G chip to start. What if the iPad was $459 instead? Someone smarter than me can chime in about speeds of onboard memory compared to an SD card bus, please.

Even with these gripes, I was pantomiming having one last night as I watched Burn Notice and White Collar on USA. Would have been cool to have it on the couch during the commercials. So, any one want to donate to the iconogeek iPad fund ;)

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