Insert catchy phrase here. Episode 9.

Podcast IconChuck and Jay open this episode with technology woes ranging from DOA service providers to DVR appetites. Chuck extols his love of TiVo and schemes to get to Harold and Kumar this weekend. Our buddy Ben makes it into the discussion again as the wayward designer living the life.
Jay reminisces about VHS and the speed at which movies are now released on home video. Chuck gets nostalgic about his first VHS and the old Showtime and Jerrold boxes as Jay remembers his first site of breasts (on Showtime of course).

Finally the show turns to Indiana Jones as Chuck talks about making Raiders in his youth but then slides into his first encounter with a Mac, the Commodore Vic20, and the lightpen. Jay remembers his early programming days then gets the show back on track!

The show wraps with a discussion about the movie, Harrison Ford’s box office supremacy and Jay’s take on the new Indiana Jones games coming out.

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